Top 6 Pet Peeves at Campgrounds

  • Campers that purposely walk their dogs right up to mine when she is tied on her stake! She is a hyper cowdog and it makes her crazy. She jumps up and strains against her collar to the point of choking herself!  Really, why do you need to do that when there is always room to walk your animal somewhere else?
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  • People that don’t pick up after their dogs! It’s really not that difficult and there is usually pet stations for them to get bags at and to dispose of them.
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  • Snobby attitudes just because you are driving or towing a newer or more expensive rig than others!
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  • Trashy homesteaders at nice parks. Even if you are there long term, there is no need to have your space looking bad.
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  • Parks that don’t have people available to get you to checked in. When you have traveled all day and are exhausted the last thing you want to do is go and hunt for someone to give you check in details.
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  • Noisy neighbors after quiet hours!
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  • What are your pet peeves?

4 thoughts on “Top 6 Pet Peeves at Campgrounds

  1. Yes those people are so inconsiderate. I just want to pull the plug on their rig. Lol Loose dogs are a menace and my favorite thing is when the owner says, oh my dog is friendly. It just wants to play!! Really then why is it running at me barking or growling.


  2. I have one to add: People who have bright outside lights on their campers (that shine directly in your window) and leave them on ALL NIGHT LONG!
    So true about the dogs! And how about pet owners that don’t even have their dogs on leashes? Our dog is very afraid of other dogs. When we are walking or running through the campground and another dog runs out after us, it is scary for both my dog and me.

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  3. I only have three to add. 1) When people walk through our site using our chairs as obstacle courses. 2) When people actually stop to gawk when we are parking or have the front window blind up. 3) When we are packing up to leave and Mr. or Mrs. Talk-For-Days want to strike up a conversation and keep it going (I’m all for friendly conversation and making friends, but this isn’t the time). It interrupts the routine and can cause safety issues when getting on the road. But, that’s about it–you covered it well. 🙂 Dawn

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