Local Adventures While Workamping

The last few days have been busy. We do our jobs 24 hours a week for our space then get to go play. We went to Lackland Air Force Base last week to get Sea World Tickets then found out Sea World is only open one week in November so have to wait until the 20th to go.

That’s OK. We went to the Air Museum and shopped at the BX instead. Of course I got my Charlie’s cheese steak for lunch again so was a happy girl.



Today we decided to find a casino in the area. Kickapoo in Eagle Pass was a nice place. Very friendly employees, really nice buffet that wasn’t too expensive and we both got a very nice coin for being Military.


CasinoVeteran Chip

Bruce had fun at the penny slots while I played video poker. We both won a little money so it was a good day. I also got a couple of chips to add to my daughter’s and my casino chip collection. The only table game they have is Poker so I went to the room and bought the $1 chips.

Kickapoo Chip

On the way to the Casino I found another National Fish Hatchery so we drove in. Yes they had a stamp for my passbook so it was a fun day all around.

What do you do on your days off from Workamping?


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