Are You as Sick of The Trump Russia Show as I am?

Did Russia meddle in the election? Did they do it?
Did Trump do it or have knowledge of it? Did Trump have an affair and pay to hush it up?


Here is a thought. I don’t care. It’s over, let’s move on to much more important work.

Military Pay
Government Overspending
Pay for Teachers
Lower Pay for Government Officials
Our Soldiers deserve much higher pay than any politician. When they are fighting for our security and can barely keep a decent roof over their families heads and food in the kitchen, it’s a disgrace. At the same time that politicians are doing nothing and getting paid outrageous salaries!

Healthcare, well that is a whole other subject that as the richest country in the world we should not have to deal with not having a great system.
The administration hasn’t done one thing to help get people off the streets into homes and jobs, not just give another donation to charities. We try to help every time we go out, either with money or food but wish we could do a lot more.

Overspending. We all know what a joke government spending is. For instance, recently on the news is how much Trump’s military parade is going to cost $12 Million dollars!! What? How about you take that money and make some soldiers or teachers lives easier!
Teachers are one of our best hopes for the future of our children and put up with so much. Let’s get them paid what they are worth!

Immigration, well that is a joke these days. So much needs to be fixed not just add another band-aid.
Politicians should be paid reasonable wages, have term limits and actually do their jobs. They should not be making hundreds of thousands of dollars for doing nothing.
What do you think? Did I miss anything?

Pet Etticate in RV Parks

  • Play Nice
  • Have and use Manners
  • Pick up after your pet!!!
  • Don’t let it go in your neighbors yard
  • The dog park is NOT your personal play area , you need to share
  • If you see someone letting their little dogs out loose and they aren’t bothering anyone, please don’t walk your dog over to them!
  • Teach your children to not run up to unknown dogs.
  • Always ask before petting someone’s dog

Anything else I’m forgetting?

Top 6 Pet Peeves at Campgrounds

  • Campers that purposely walk their dogs right up to mine when she is tied on her stake! She is a hyper cowdog and it makes her crazy. She jumps up and strains against her collar to the point of choking herself!  Really, why do you need to do that when there is always room to walk your animal somewhere else?
  • stake
  • People that don’t pick up after their dogs! It’s really not that difficult and there is usually pet stations for them to get bags at and to dispose of them.
  • waste
  • Snobby attitudes just because you are driving or towing a newer or more expensive rig than others!
  • images
  • Trashy homesteaders at nice parks. Even if you are there long term, there is no need to have your space looking bad.
  • download
  • Parks that don’t have people available to get you to checked in. When you have traveled all day and are exhausted the last thing you want to do is go and hunt for someone to give you check in details.
  • images (1)
  • Noisy neighbors after quiet hours!
  • download (1)
  • What are your pet peeves?