Show me yours and I’ll Show you mine!

Etsy shops that is. Yes I finally got around to opening one after many people asked me about doing it.

I’ve only got a few items listed but will be adding more every day. Please visit and leave a comment or favorite it and I will return the favor.

My shop is mostly about fabric with RV and camping themes but I also do finished quilts and gifts.

Add your links in the comments and I’ll visit soon.

My Shop

PA Campground Review

Wow what a gem we found on our travels through Pennsylvania! Not far off of the main freeway, quiet, very friendly and they give a military discount!

Camp Wilhelm has nice pull through spaces, a pool, a store with just about everything you’d need, propane, wood for your fire rings, very dog friendly and all reasonably priced.

If you are traveling through this way you can check it out here!

Campers Feeding Us

Workamping has it’s ups and downs but generally there are way more ups. We are always meeting great people who offer us food and drinks.

Today was no exception. We were traveling around the Campground when some very nice Canadian visitors stopped us with a tray of awesome food.

Venison sausage, smoked trout, cheese and crackers! It was really well made and delicious! They had made it all themselves so it was especially nice of them to share it with us.

What have your Campers shared with you?

Top 6 Pet Peeves at Campgrounds

  • Campers that purposely walk their dogs right up to mine when she is tied on her stake! She is a hyper cowdog and it makes her crazy. She jumps up and strains against her collar to the point of choking herself!  Really, why do you need to do that when there is always room to walk your animal somewhere else?
  • stake
  • People that don’t pick up after their dogs! It’s really not that difficult and there is usually pet stations for them to get bags at and to dispose of them.
  • waste
  • Snobby attitudes just because you are driving or towing a newer or more expensive rig than others!
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  • Trashy homesteaders at nice parks. Even if you are there long term, there is no need to have your space looking bad.
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  • Parks that don’t have people available to get you to checked in. When you have traveled all day and are exhausted the last thing you want to do is go and hunt for someone to give you check in details.
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  • Noisy neighbors after quiet hours!
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  • What are your pet peeves?