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Good advice. Things we very often forget to check.

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rv fire

One of the most overlooked and ignored items you will find in an RV is a fire extinguisher. Most of us will never need one in a lifetime of RVing, but if a hot pan in your galley suddenly flared up out of control would you know where your fire extinguisher was? In the panic of the moment would you know how to release the safety and use it? Would it even work?

Unless you are very organized, you do not have a clue when your extinguisher needs to be replaced or re-charged, and if you inadvertently skip right over the date, and if and when you need to put out a galley fire and it doesn’t work you could lose your whole rig. And your neighbors. Or a forest. …or worse.

Check the date now on the extinguisher itself. Replace or recharge if necessary. If not due yet, enter…

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