Teddy Roosevelt National Park

This is one park that you really should spend a few days at! I fell in love right away! We stayed at Buffalo Gap National Grasslands. It is eight miles west of Medora ND on I-94. No hookups but very nice, quiet and friendly helpful camp hosts. Self registration as you enter the park. Cost is very minimal especially if you have a pass of any kind. We have an access pass because Bruce is a disabled veteran and it only cost us $3.00 per day! They have free showers, flush toilets and water spigots available.

The entrance to the park is in Medora. We visited there on our second day. After entering, drive straight ahead to the thirty two mile loop and enjoy all the beautiful scenery. This area isn’t called the Painted Canyon by accident. The colors and hues of the rock formations are simply majestic!

Along the way you may see Bison, Elk and Feral horses. No they are not wild mustangs but rather ranch horses from back years ago that were turned loose and have gone feral. You will also see many prairie dogs, which I love. I could watch their antics for hours. They live in huge colonies which are called towns and love to be photographed. On our drive we were blessed to see a huge Bison bull very close to the road and the horses standing on a bluff.

At every turn there is a new wonder. The rock formations and colors are just incredible. I could spend one whole summer in this area. On our third day we went into Medora. You can read about our visit to that lovely town here

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