4 Reasons to Visit San Antonio Texas

The Alamo of course is probably the number one reason to go to the city. It is an amazing place with so much history. We really enjoyed our walk through time there. The oak trees are massive and as you walk by them, you can see in your minds eye the soldiers hiding under their branches for safety.

The Riverwalk is a close second. Right across the street from the Alamo there is a staircase leading down to the water through a beautiful hotel. When you arrive outside you are immediately immersed in the beauty of the trees, unique shops and restaurants. We walked along the river for as far as Bruce could. So much to see.

As we headed back we found an English eatery called Mad Dogs to have lunch at and weren’t disappointed. Bruce chose the Cottage Pie that was filled with hamburger and vegetables cooked in an amazing sauce then topped with cheesy mashed potatoes! Next time it’s fish and chips for sure.

The architecture is another reason to visit. They have some beautiful old buildings. I personally love to photograph those types of things.

The last reason is Lackland AFB. Well if you are retired military that is. It is a large base with many amenities. The BX is huge and carries everything you need. The employees are all very friendly and then there is the food court with Charley’s cheesesteaks! I would drive many miles out of the way for those. {ha-ha}