Healthy Eating on the Road

We try to eat well which is harder when you are traveling. Once we stop to camp we do much better. We use our Blackstone grill a lot. I love it because you can cook your whole meal on one surface.

Today we were out buying some supplies for our Mobile RV Service business and stopped for soup and salad.

What do you generally eat on the road?

5 Holiday Travel Tips!

  • 1. Research the area you are wanting to spend time for the holidays. Check local weather, find out about any celebrations, safety in the area and if it is an adult park or does it have lots of children running around.
  • 2. Gas up your rig at least two days before the holiday. Prices always get higher on holidays.
  • 3. Make reservations well before especially in popular tourist destinations.
  • 4. Travel to your destination two days before the holiday and wait until at least two days after to leave. You can avoid most traffic jams that way.
  • 5. Stock up on whatever shopping items you need well beforehand. Nothing like spending hours in long lines at the shops!
  • Lastly, have a wonderful safe holiday!
  • Do you any tips I’ve forgotten?
  • Show me yours and I’ll Show you mine!

    Etsy shops that is. Yes I finally got around to opening one after many people asked me about doing it.

    I’ve only got a few items listed but will be adding more every day. Please visit and leave a comment or favorite it and I will return the favor.

    My shop is mostly about fabric with RV and camping themes but I also do finished quilts and gifts.

    Add your links in the comments and I’ll visit soon.

    My Shop

    PA Campground Review

    Wow what a gem we found on our travels through Pennsylvania! Not far off of the main freeway, quiet, very friendly and they give a military discount!

    Camp Wilhelm has nice pull through spaces, a pool, a store with just about everything you’d need, propane, wood for your fire rings, very dog friendly and all reasonably priced.

    If you are traveling through this way you can check it out here!