5 Holiday Travel Tips!

  • 1. Research the area you are wanting to spend time for the holidays. Check local weather, find out about any celebrations, safety in the area and if it is an adult park or does it have lots of children running around.
  • 2. Gas up your rig at least two days before the holiday. Prices always get higher on holidays.
  • 3. Make reservations well before especially in popular tourist destinations.
  • 4. Travel to your destination two days before the holiday and wait until at least two days after to leave. You can avoid most traffic jams that way.
  • 5. Stock up on whatever shopping items you need well beforehand. Nothing like spending hours in long lines at the shops!
  • Lastly, have a wonderful safe holiday!
  • Do you any tips I’ve forgotten?
  • Everything You Need to Know About Workamping at Amusement Parks

    We have just finished our summer workamping job at Darien Lakes Amusement Park and while it’s been a learning experience we will not be back. It has it’s pros and cons so it may be a great job for you. There are a lot of perks and the money is not bad, but for us the cons out weighed the pros. If you like quiet, laid back jobs do NOT work at these types of places! They are huge, very fast paced, loud and crowded all the time.

    amusement park blue sky bright carnival
    Photo by Tranmautritam on Pexels.com


    • Nice big RV spaces separate from the public campground surrounding a lake
    • Dogs are very welcome
    • Full 30 amp hook-ups
    • Great people to work with, at least the camphosts
    • All hours paid plus your space at no cost
    • Some great concerts
    • Full free access to the amusement and water park
    • Close to major cities and attractions
    • Employee cookouts
    • Send and receive mail and packages on site
    • Campfires allowed in fire-pits
    blue ceramic mug
    Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com


    • Not great communication between departments
    • Not enough training for camping staff
    • Booming fireworks every night at 10 PM
    • Many concerts, most are head banging rock type music, going until 11 PM nightly
    • Not enough days off
    • Hours are not great
    • Very long walk to work unless you are camp-hosts
    • No gate at the employee campground so the public can drive though and do
    • You need a bike, scooter or some other form of transport to get around
    • Not enough staff
    • RV sites are set up weird so have long cords and hoses

    We did not have a totally awful time but if we had been told about some of the events like the constant concerts and nightly fireworks beforehand, we would not have taken the job. I actually had to buy a pair of noise cancelling headphones just so that I could get some rest! We did however make some wonderful new friends, saw some great attractions and most of all, learned new things.


    Bottom line is make sure you get all the facts before going to any new Workamping job!! Have you worked at an amusement park? What was your experience like?


    The National Muskadine Festival

    If you are traveling through east Tennessee this time of year there are so many things to do and places to visit. Sweetwater is one you shouldn’t miss. It is a small, friendly town that has some of the best festivals and the amazing Sweetwater Cheese company. They are a small, local business that makes some of the best cheese you will ever eat. When you enter the building head to the tasting area. You can try many different flavors of their cheese before you buy and I guarantee you will take some with you!

    Before or after the cheese store you can enjoy the Muskadine festival.

    Muscadines are grapes, which are valued for fruit, wine, shade, and fall color; they’re among the few ornamental vines with bold, textured foliage; colorful edible fruit; and a dominant trunk and branch pattern for winter interest.

    While there you have to stop by our friends SmokinF booth for some amazing BBQ! Their first competition was a winning one. The BBQ competition was at Freedom Fest in Montgomery, Texas in 2014 as Merica Smokers. That weekend, they took home the title of Grand Champion. I have to say that one of my favorite dishes is their peach baked beans!

    If you missed this years BBQ competition try to visit next year to cheer on the competitors and eat great food.

    Have you been to a fun festival this year? Where was it?