Off the Beaten Path in New Mexico. Top 7 Places You Can’t Miss!

Opting Out of Normal

Aside from the worlds largest pistachio there is more to New Mexico. When we thought of NM we through of desert, dry, flat. OH ~ it’s to the contrary! Check out our list of amazing places!

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, near Cochiti

best ever cookie recipesMany people zip right past Tent Rocks when traveling between Santa Fe and Albuquerque without even realizing it’s there. At this national monument, you can hike in between a slot canyon, and up to a mesa that affords unsurpassable views of New Mexico. These rock formations are located off NM-22

The Town of Chloride, Sierra County If you’re a fan of ghost towns or the Old West, you’ll want to check out Chloride. The town supported numerous businesses including a mercantile, a hotel, and a butcher’s shop. The one bank wasn’t able to survive but it was turned into a saloon. Clearly, folks here knew how…

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