What is it? Would you do it? Do you do it?

The short answer is that you drive or hike to the highest point in each of the fifty states depending on acessability or terrain. I saw a show on TV about it and got interested.

Not that we don’t have enough to do now while traveling between getting all my national park, national wildlife refuges and lighthouse stamps but we go on interesting hikes anyway so why not accomplish another task at the same time. Of course some of them are beyond our reach now because of physical limitations but we’re planning on getting as many as we can.

According to Gear Junkie

Every state has a highest point of elevation, be it a towering mountain peak or a nondescript knoll in a cornfield. To highpointers, each one of these summits is geographically significant.

You need advanced mountaineering skills for peaks like Mount Rainier and Denali. But completing the 50-state list also means traveling thousands of miles through obscure parts of the country.

To tick off Florida, for example, highpointers drive to Britton Hill, a meager slope in the Panhandle with an elevation of just 345 feet above sea level.

In Illinois, a state of cornfields and prairie, a 1,235-foot rise called Charles Mound is the destination. Rhode Island’s Jerimoth Hill tops out at 812 feet above the nearby Atlantic waters.

More than a dozen states have highpoints with road access, letting people essentially drive to the summit. Wyoming’s Gannett Peak, in contrast, requires up to 40 miles of roundtrip backcountry hiking in the remote Wind River Mountain Range.

To date, more than 300 people have completed all 50 highpoints. Roughly 10 new people a year climb their 50th state summit and are added to the Highpointers Club’s list of completers. Plaques are awarded to club members who reach all the state summits in a lifetime.

For a complete list of America’s high points visit Summitpost.

According to www.thepeakseeker.com

Highpointing gets me outdoors, brings me to places in the country that I would have never set foot in otherwise and it is often a great family-friendly activity that I can bring my kids with to experience with me. Highpointing is not always a family-friendly endeavor but it often can be and I’ve definitely taken advantage of that.

That is so true. So many people spend their lives indoors in the city and never experience all the wonders this great country has to offer. It’s great for your health and your soul your get out and take a hike!

High Point Map

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